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Avsim.net news digest

  • 2 years

    VeroRoutes for P3D/XP11/MSFS Released

    FSAerodata announces the release of their new product: VeroRoutes, a detailed collection of real-world flight routes and en-route CPDLC simulation. VeroRoutes gives a new dimension of realism in flight simulation with its large database of real-world...

  • 2 years

    Donation Tracker Back in Service

    As some of AVSIM's loyal contributors know, the automatic donation tracking system on the forums has been out of service for some months now. We have identified the problem (a mismatch between the data sent to Paypal and the transaction record returned...

  • 2 years

    Help Wanted in the AVSIM File Library

    Since AVSIM was founded, our file library has steadily grown to a collection of over 250,000 files, and it remains a popular feature of the site, consuming several terabytes per month of download bandwidth, at no charge to the community. To keep that...

  • 2 years

    Honeycomb Support Forums Open Now on AVSIM

    AVSIM is pleased to announce that Honeycomb Aeronautical has opened their official product support forums in the Commercial Support section of the AVSIM Forums. The forums provide official support for their line of flight control products, including...

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